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OCTOBER 22-25, 2020

Igniting Souls Conference is a World Class event for World Changers.

Each year, we gather—a select group of authors, coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs with a message to share and a tribe to serve. We view and do life differently because we know our identity, purpose, and direction—who we are, why we're here, and where we're going. The more clarity we gain, the more our influence, impact, and income grows.

ISC 2020, our 10th anniversary, is extra special. In light of COVID-19, we've decided to gather on a global stage during October (October 22-25). This year is 100% experiential and will be enjoyed from anywhere in the world. Will you join us and become Unhackable? Will you achieve your dream?

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.




Igniter, Publisher, Author

⇾ CEO of Redeem the Day, Igniting Souls, Author Academy Elite
⇾ Trained over 250,000 authors, coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs
⇾ Set World Record for largest book release live-stream party (157 Cities)
⇾ Launched Day Job to Dream Job with Shawshank Hollywood celebrities
⇾ Published author of 7 books


Author, Founder, Coach

⇾ Founder and president of The Strategic Coach, Inc.
⇾ World’s foremost expert on entrepreneurship with over 40 years’ experience
⇾ Passionate about helping entrepreneurs reach full potential in life and business
⇾ Author of over 30 publications, including the new book, WhoNotHow.


Television Host, Business Columnist, Entrepreneur

⇾ Internationally recognized expert in interpersonal relationships
⇾ Specialist in teaching others the art of professional and social skills
⇾ Featured writer for USA Today, co-host of UK’s Celebs Go Dating television show
⇾ Dubbed "much more than a matchmaker" by Oprah Winfrey
⇾ Founder and chair of “Give Love, Build Hope” – a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming schools in rural areas of the Caribbean


Certified EOS Implementer, Author, Entrepreneur Coach

⇾ Certified EOS Implementer for top businesses including Igniting Souls
⇾ Author of The Earning Advantage, The Courage Advantage, and The Thinking Advantage
⇾ Highly sought-after keynote speaker, blending fun with learning
⇾ BS in Psychology and an MBA, an expert in human behavior especially in business


Entrepreneurial Team Expert, Author, Speaker

⇾ A passionate expert on healthy entrepreneurial teams and key decision-maker at Strategic Coach®
⇾ Creator of The Entrepreneurial Team® Program
⇾ Kolbe Certified™ Consultant, and the 2015 recipient of the Kolbe Professional Award for individual leadership in building conative excellence
⇾ Co-author of the bestselling book Unique Ability® 2.0: Discovery and author of The Team Success Handbook and Multiplication by Subtraction


NY Times Bestselling Author, Coach, Speaker

⇾ President of 48 Days to the Work you Love
⇾ Featured on CBS, The Early Show, MSNBC’s Hardball, Dave Ramsey Show
⇾ Host of the iTunes Award-Winning Podcast, 48 Days
⇾ High Demand Speaker for National Business Conferences



Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

⇾ Bestselling author of Automate Your Routines
Built a million dollar internet business teaching people how to design funnels
⇾ Favorite keynote speaker at many business conferences
⇾ Developed a proven system on how to create videos that engage and entertain


Ohio State University Wrestling Head Coach, Author

⇾ 2009 National Coach of the Year
⇾ Led the Ohio State wrestling program to its first-ever national championship
⇾ 2015 Big Ten, NWCA, and InterMat Coach of the Year
⇾ Led the Ohio State Buckeyes to become Big 10 Champions and secured a fifth top-three finish at the NCAA Championships in the last 11 years
⇾ Author of Chosen Suffering


Builder, Author, Entrepreneur

⇾ Founder of Built to Lead: together we improve
⇾ Transformational coach for individuals, teams, and leaders
⇾ Kary Oberbrunner's coach (Builder) from 2001-2013
⇾ Author of Becoming Built to Lead


Business Leader, Author, Speaker

⇾ Current CEO of OCLC and past CEO of Ingram, responsible for $1.5 billion global enterprises
Inc. Top 100 Leadership Speaker
⇾ Author of the WSJ bestselling book, The Book of Mistakes
⇾ Featured in print and broadcast media including the BBC, The New York Times, CNN, NPR, The Daily Beast, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Writer’s Digest, Information Today, Inc., The Bookseller, Publishers Weekly, Christian Retailing, Forbes, and the Library Journal


Author, Speaker, Coach

⇾ Director of Fire Ring Business Track and Business Academy Elite
CEO of Fulfill Your Legacy
Host of Living Within the Sweet Spot talk show
Published author of two of the four-part Legacy series
Certified Master Level Coach (Your Secret Name, Deeper Path, Dream Job, Unhackable)


Wave Maker, Author, Speaker, Coach

Director for Fire Ring Personal Growth Track and Author Academy Elite
⇾ Author of What’s YOUR Scarlet Letter?
Truth Teller for those ready to live unstuck, unmasked, and unrestrained
Certified Master Level Coach (Your Secret Name, Deeper Path, Dream Job, Unhackable)


Author, Software Developer, Speaker, Trainer

⇾ Developed and sold multiple 7 and 8-figure products online
⇾ Featured in the NY Times, Entrepreneur Magazine and countless other publications
⇾ Co-creator of Funnel Scripts and Author Wizards
⇾ Has helped hundreds of thousands of authors and entrepreneurs sell their books and grow their businesses


Business Growth and Marketing Expert

⇾ Co-creator of Author Wizards
⇾ Funnel Designer and Business Strategist
⇾ Business Development Trainer
⇾ Recipient of the 2 Comma Club Award



Speaker, Author, Sales Trainer

⇾ Award-winning speaker, consistently earning standing ovations
⇾ CEO of the Leadership and Sales Academy
⇾ Published author of five books
⇾ Co-founder of Author Wizards
⇾ Trainer of over 10,000 sales people, earning them over 100 million dollars in sales


Business Strategist, Speaker, Coach

⇾ Vistage Chair - Vistage is the world’s leading executive coaching organization
⇾ Founder of Kessel Strategies, helping growth-minded leaders gain clarity
⇾ Business Strategist
Certified Master Level Coach (Your Secret Name, Deeper Path, Dream Job, Unhackable)


Author, Speaker, Coach

⇾ Speaker Coach and Creator of Speaker Online Course
⇾ Author of Miss Conception and I Know Someone with Diabetes
⇾ Former Miss Ohio USA, Mrs. Ohio, and Mrs. International
⇾ Speaker to youth on positive self-image and physical and mental fitness
Certified Master Level Coach (Your Secret Name, Deeper Path, Dream Job, Unhackable)


Attorney, Business Coach, Strategic Negotiator

⇾ 30+ years of experience as an attorney, specializing in litigation and negotiation
⇾ Author of Hustle or a Business
⇾ Certified Deeper Path coach, speaker, and trainer
⇾ Respected trainer for business owners and ministry leaders with an emphasis on the elevation of women in life, business, and the community


Expert on Conflict and Resolution, Author, Coach

⇾ Author of Pebbles in my Shoe
⇾ Director of Coach Academy Elite and Igniting Souls Teams
⇾ Founder of Breakthrough Solutions, Inc.
Certified Master Level Coach (Your Secret Name, Deeper Path, Dream Job, Unhackable)




Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer, Author

⇾ Global Director of Igniting Souls Chapters
⇾ Founder and CEO of Lead Life BIG LLC
⇾ Published author of The Way To Greatness
Certified Master Level Coach (Your Secret Name, Deeper Path, Dream Job, Unhackable)





Nobody on planet earth is exactly like you—and that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, most of us are squeezed into a mold. Our superpowers aren’t celebrated—instead, they’re barely tolerated. Worse yet, a majority of people don’t even know their superpowers.

There is a better way and a better world. Life changes when work is play. Isn’t it time you discovered how to leverage your superpower every day?

In this training you'll discover:

      • How kryptonite robs you from making a bigger impact in the world
      • How to build a business around your superpower
      • A proven plan for staying true to your superpower every single day

Act NOW - this special bonus offer ends at midnight PT.


All Main Conference Sessions
Table Times and Breakout Groups
Red Carpet Meet and Greet
Red Carpet Sessions
Author Academy Awards
Engagement & Influence Pass ($29 Value)
Conference Website (AAE Authors)
ISC 2020 Care Package In the Mail
Conference Bookstore (AAE Authors)
Rebate for the Conference Bookstore
Post-Con Igniter Coaching Session ($97 Value)
VIP Spark Day ($497 value)
VIP Writer Academy Elite Founding Member - One-year membership ($180 value)
VIP Private Party with Speakers
VIP Unhackable Launch Team plus Kary's Brand New Book ($49 value)
VIP Early Check-In
VIP Pre-Con Table Time Discussion
VIP Pre-Con Networking Rooms

General Ticket


Regular Price $597
  • All Main Conference Sessions
  • Table Times and Breakout Groups
  • Red Carpet Meet and Greet
  • Red Carpet Sessions
  • Author Academy Awards
  • Engagement & Influence Pass ($29 Value)
  • Conference Website (AAE Authors)General Placement
  • ISC 2020 Care Package In the MailGeneral Care Package
  • Conference Bookstore (AAE Authors)General Placement
  • Rebate for the Conference BookstoreUp to $15.00
  • Post-Con Igniter Coaching Session ($97 Value)General Session
  • VIP Spark Day ($497 value)
  • VIP Writer Academy Elite Founding Member - One-year membership ($180 value)
  • VIP Private Party with Speakers
  • VIP Unhackable Launch Team plus Kary's Brand New Book ($49 value)
  • VIP Early Check-In
  • VIP Pre-Con Table Time Discussion
  • VIP Pre-Con Networking Rooms

All ticket sales are final and non-refundable. See Terms of Service for details.


Red Carpet Sessions

Select Speakers Share Message on a Global Stage

The day will come when you have a chance to share your message on a global stage for all the world to hear. One of my favorite parts from Walk the Line, a movie about Johnny Cash, is when Sam Phillips calls out Cash for playing it safe.

If you was hit by a truck and you was lying out there in that gutter dying, and you had time to sing *one* song....would you sing somethin' different. Somethin' real. Somethin' *you* felt. Cause I'm telling you right now, that's the kind of song people want to hear. That's the kind of song that truly saves people. 

At the Red Carpet Sessions you'll have the opportunity to hear authors sum up their book in 90 seconds. What they say, may just change the course of your life. We've witnessed it more than once before. Get ready. They will be.

Author Academy Awards

Literary merit and publishing excellence in the writing and publishing industry.

These distinguised awards are given annually by Author Academy Elite (AAE) and presented at the Author Academy Awards Ceremony. The various category winners are bestowed a special award, officially called the "Academy Boon of Merit." Click here for details about this prestigious award.

Authors of all kinds—indie (self-published), traditional, or collaborative published—may be considered. The top ten finalists in each category are invited to present their book synopsis at the Author Academy Awards Red Carpet Sessions.

Unhackable Global Release Party

Attend a party where you're the guest of honor.

You're invited to the world's largest book global livestream book release party. Expect 60 minutes of pure engagement. We'll mix up the components and add tons of flavor. Think film, giveaways, prizes, raffles, Q and A, interview, entertainment, mini "TED talk," and much more. Thousands will watch. We'll even give away a publishing contract to one winner (a $5,000 value). It could be you!

Kary Oberbrunner's new non-fiction book is already being heralded as his best book yet. Here's a sneak peek:

Welcome to the Attention Economy—where you are the product. In this digital landscape, the masses keep score with eyeballs and eardrums. Focus is everything, and they’re willing to fight for yours.

Yet not everyone is paying attention—a few are protecting theirs. These consumers-turned-creators have discovered the Elixir by leveraging their ideas, focus, and flow. Will you join them and close the gap between dreaming and doing? Will you become Unhackable?

ISC Bookstore Bonus

We love our authors AND our conference attendees.

We're giving ISC attendees up to $30,000 back to help them grow personally and professionally. For years we've said BOOKS CHANGE LIVES. This year we're demonstrating that belief even more. We're giving every General Ticket attendee a $15 rebate for books they purchase written by Author Academy Elite authors. VIP Ticket attendees will receive a $30 rebate. Leaders are readers and we believe your worth investing in. Now go change your world.


Engagement and Influence

30 Days to FastTrack Your Online Communication & Connection

The Coronavirus pandemic revealed an overwhelming gap for many leaders in all sectors to bridge the gap between in-person and online engagement. Many are overwhelmed by the technology and uncomfortable going online in ways. This 30-Day online experience provides influencers the clarity they need to lead with confidence. 


Group Coaching Session

When ISC 2020 ends, the transformation doesn't have to.

When you attend Igniting Souls Conference, you gain a new family. It only sounds like hyperbole, until you've experienced it. Many past table-mates stay connected for years to come. Imagine a group of like-minded influencers who support you and your dream with more than just words. At our optional post-con Group Igniter Coaching Session, you'll have the opportunity to experience even greater clarity. We'll equip you with a practical action plan to keep your soul burning bright all year-long.



All the above PLUS...

Spark Day

Set Fire to Your Business and Brand

Spark Day is a conference favorite. Imagine a time intentionally dedicated to growing your business. This experience takes place in a select group format and provides you with clear action steps for increasing your influence, impact, and income. Expert speakers from a variety of backgrounds share their best practical tips, tools, and tactics for creating visible results.

Writer Academy Elite

The exclusive online community with one singular focus: to help writers CRUSH their word count!

Writer Academy Elite is a membership group defined by clarity, accountability, and community, with daily missions, motivation, and mentorship to keep you on track toward your writing goals. This group is filled with real people reaching amazing goals together, with a proven process for success.

VIP ticket holders receive a one year membership valued at $180. It's the perfect place to get your project done. Writing doesn't have to require isolation anymore.


VIP Private Party with Speakers

Experiential networking at its best!

Are you an introvert?'ll love it. Or you're an extrovert?'ll feel right at home. Maybe you're both? won't want it to end. Through the power of technology you'll enjoy a VIP party with something for everyone: fun, games, small groups, big groups, deep conversations, business-building, networking, masterminding, storytelling, strategic white boarding, and more. We're just getting started.

Unhackable VIP Launch Team and the Brand New Book!

Get a front row seat and learn how to launch anything the right way.

What if you could go behind the curtain and learn how a bestseller is born. Imagine leveraging that knowledge in your own future launches. How much would that be worth? Get ready to experience and participate in a global launch from start to finish. Topics will include how to create a compelling book trailer, build an engaged launch team, host a global launch party, secure influencer endorsements, implement effective newsjacking, attract international attention, and much more.  Gain the clarity you need to do your launch the right way. You'll also receive a free copy of Kary's brand new book Unhackable, hot off the press!

VIP Early Check-In, VIP Pre-Con Networking & VIP Table Time

We'll save your seat for all the goodness and more

VIPs enjoy the privilege of early-check in, pre-con networking, and pre-con table times. One of the best benefits of conference is connecting with like-minded world changers from all corners of the globe. When igniters show up filled up, incredible outcomes occur. Get a front row seat for ALL the action.

ISC 2019 was incredible. ISC 2020 is destined to be even better.

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