All Times ET

Thursday, October 21, 2021

2 PM–4 PM: VIP Check-In and VIP Networking 
4 PM–5 PM: Main Platform & Book-signing Staged Photo Op (On-site)
5 PM–7 PM: Dinner Break on your Own (VIP Virtual Attendees Table Time)
7 PM–8:30 PM: VIP Private Party - Hors d'oeuvres (On-site and Virtual) 

Friday, October 22, 2021

8:00 AM: VIP Doors Open | Light Breakfast

8:30 AM–1 PM: Spark Day VIP Mini Book Workshop (On-site & "Virtual VIP Building")

9 AM-12 PM: Red Carpet Video Speeches on FB Page (AEA, AAE, SAE Virtual Tickets)

11 AM–1 PM: General Check-In and Networking (Gemini C and Virtual Building)

1:00 PM: Pre-Con Red Carpet Speeches and Spark Speeches (Onsite Ticket Holders AAE & SAE)

2:30 PM: ISC Doors Open - Conference Begins (One "Virtual Building")

3 PM–4 PM: Gino Wickman: Entrepreneur Leap: The 6 undeniable signs you’re hardwired to be an Entrepreneur

4:00 PM: Special Book Signing - Kary Oberbrunner

5 PM–6 PM: VIP Dinner | Virtual Time Dinner Discussions | General Tickets Dinner on Own

6 PM–7 PM: Red Carpet Meet and Greet (Public Welcome - live streamed on FB)

7 PM–8:30 PM: Annual Author Elite Awards

Speaker - Kary Oberbrunner: The Future of Publishing: How to Leverage 10 Trends to Advance your Book, Brand, and Business (Public Welcome - live streamed on FB)

8:30 PM: Special Book Signing (ISPA Team)

8:45 PM: Kary's Private Client Gathering (Private Invitation)

Saturday, October 23, 2021

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM: Breakfast

7:30 AM: Virtual Table Time Early Riser Discussion

8:30 AM: Ali Nasser: The Business Owner's Dilemma:  Quiet the mental chatter, clarify your ideal future, and enjoy the success you deserve 

9:30 AM: Jill Young: Business Fitness: How a Strong CORE Will Help You Arrive at Your Intended Destination

10:30 AM: BREAK - Special Book Signing (Jill Young)

10:45 AM: Kiera Colson: Teenfluencer Nation: How to empower young people to join you in changing the world

Tony Colson: Irresistible Influence: How to turn casual followers into committed leaders

12 PM: Table Time Lunch Discussions and Fireside Chat Sponsored by Unhackble Press

12 PM: Special Book Signing (Kiera Colson and Tony Colson)

1 PM: Nick Sonnenberg: Come Up For Air: How you can leverage systems and tools to stop drowning in work

1:45 PM: Alex Freytag: Vision Works: How to awaken the Earning Mindset, Bridge the Missing Profit Link, and Cultivate Untapped Potential

2:30 PM: BREAK - Special Book Signing (Alex Freytag)

2:45 PM: Jon Giganti - With Intention - How to Live and Lead with Unstoppable Influence, Uncommon Results, and Ultimate Fulfillment

3:30 PM: Fire Ring Panel (Debra Brown, Michelle Weidenbenner, Kristy Longfellow)

4:15 PM: Dismiss

(Optional) Fire Ring Panel Discussion, Cheri Dotterer, Lynn Baber, Brandt Gibson

5PM–6 PM: Break for Dinner (Local Restaurants on Your Own) 

6:30 PM–8:00 PM: (Optional Session Focused on Faith) Steven Neuner: The Entrepreneurial Journey: Saying YES to God when you don't know the outcome (Public Welcome - live streamed on FB)

8:00 PM: Special Book Signing (Steven Neuner)

8:00 PM: Fire Ring 2022 Round Table (Private Invitation)

Sunday, October 24, 2021

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM: Private Breakfast for Fire Ring Class of 2021-2022 (current, new, and renewal members - Gemini C)

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM: All Ticket Holder Breakfast

7:30 AM: Virtual Table Time Early Riser Discussion

8:30 AM: Dan Sullivan: Gap and Gain: The High Achiever's Guide to Happiness, Confidence, and Success

9:15 AM: Mark Lachance: The Lucky Formula: How to Stack the Odds in Your Favor and Cash in on Success

9:50 AM: BREAK (Special Book Signing: Mark Lachance)

10:05 AM: Sophie Gardiner & Sara McDermott Jain: Screenwriter Secrets: 5 Tips for Writing a Story Worth Living

11 AM: Niccie Kliegl: If you Build it They Will Come: How to Get People to Start Buying your Online Products and Services

Daphne V. Smith: Clear your C.R.A.P. :Why you’re not Achieving more Success in Work and Life

12 PM: Table Time Lunch Discussions and Fire Ring Fireside Chat

1 PM: Mike Domeny: Thrown off Script: The Improviser's Guide to Turning Interruptions into Opportunities 

1:20 PM: Chris Hallman: Courage Into Commitment: How to Leverage your Influence when you're Staring Fear in the Face

1:45 PM: Tyler Wagner: Infinite Partnership System: How to Grow a 6, 7, 8+ Figure Business without any Risk or Ad Spend

2:30 PM: Break (Special Book Signing: Mike Domney)

3:00 PM: Deeper Not Wider (Special Guests)

4:15 PM: Kary Oberbrunner: Bigger Than Me! (What's Coming in 2022)

5 PM: ISC Ends

5 PM: (Optional) Fireside Chats | Your Next Best Step