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OCTOBER 21-23, 2022
Dublin, Ohio OR Worldwide via Livestream

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Igniting Souls Conference is a World Class event for World Changers.

Each year, we gather—a select group of authors, entrepreneurs, and influencers with a message to share and a tribe to serve. We view and do life differently because we know our identity, purpose, and direction—who we are, why we're here, and where we're going. The more clarity we gain, the more our influence, impact, and income grows.

This year, enjoy even more options. Enjoy your on-site ticket live from Dublin, Ohio or your experiential ticket from anywhere in the world. Show up filled up, and get ready for transformation in your life and business.

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

2022 Speakers

More Speakers Coming Soon...

Kary Oberbrunner

Blockchain Life: Protecting Your Intellectual Property and Leveraging your Book, Brand, and Business for the Web3 World
Igniter, Publisher, Visionary, and Author

⇾ CEO of Igniting Souls and Blockchain Life
⇾ Trained over 250,000 authors, coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs
⇾ Set World Record for largest book release live-stream party (157 Cities)
⇾ Launched Day Job to Dream Job with Shawshank Hollywood celebrities
⇾ Published author of 11 books

Dan Sullivan

Why Growing 10x is Easier than 2x
Author, Founder, and Coach

Co-Founder and President of The Strategic Coach, Inc.
World’s foremost expert on entrepreneurship with over 40 years’ experience
Author of over 30 publications, including his new book, The Gap and the Gain

Jason Nemes

The Code of Behavior: 5 Essentials to Unlocking a Life of Extreme Inspiration, Unlimited Confidence, and Endless Victory

International Speaker, Health and Wellness Expert, and Serial Entrepreneur

⇾ Bestselling author of The Code of Behavior
⇾ Owner of a health and wellness business that generates millions of dollars in sales per year
⇾ Inspires and equips clients and audiences to make every moment matter by taking extreme action

Tyler Wagner

Infinite Partnership System: Grow Your Own 6, 7, Or 8+ Figure Business
Author, Book Marketer and Podcaster

CEO of Authors Unite
Author of Conference Crushing
Co-Founder of Infinite Partnership System

Jonily Zupancic

SMART Presentations: How to Design Content that Connects
Entrepreneur, SMART© Coach, Educational Leader, Mathineer Maker

⇾ Co-Founder of the Instructional Coaching Network
⇾ CEO of Minds On Math
Author of Making Mathineers
Recipient of the Excellence in Education award

Dr. Brandt Gibson

Clarify your Message, Build your Tribe, Expand your Impact: The Step-by-Step Process for Leveraging Virtual Summits & Online Challenges
Physician, Author, Coach, and Speaker

CEO of Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute & Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.
Author of The Band of Fire Chronicles, James and The Armor of Solomon, The Beginner's Guide To Peripheral Neuropathy, Secret Steps To Managing Your Peripheral Neuropathy, Ten Questions Every Neuropathy Patient Should Ask Their Doctor and Peripheral Neuropathy UNMASKED
Certified Master Funnel Builder

Jeff Henderson

Know What You’re FOR: A Practical and Proven Growth Strategy for you Business and Life
Author, Speaker, and Pastor

Author of What To Do Next and Know What You're For
Former lead pastor of Gwinnett Church & Buckhead Church
Named by Forbes Magazine as one of 20 Speakers you Shouldn’t Miss

Natalie Dawn Hanson

Get Out of Your Own Way: How to Battle the Mind and Soar with Purpose
Author, Speaker, and Coach

Founder of Made to Soar Movement, S.O.A.R. Coaching Method and Soaring Sisters Community
Dedicated to helping women embrace their innate greatness & unveil their God-given potential
Author of Made to Soar

Jeremie Kubicek

The Peace Index: How to Conquer Chaos and Find Fulfillment
Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker

Entrepreneur who has started over 20 companies throughout the world.
Executive chairman of GiANT, a company that certifies coaches and consultants that serve companies and their employees.
Author of many bestselling books including his new release The Peace Index

Lee Benson

Your Most Important Number: Increase Collaboration, Achieve Your Strategy, and Execute to Win
CEO and Founder of Execute to Win, the MIND Methodology Services

Founder of Execute to Win (ETW) as well as 6 other companies valued at up to 9 figures.
Dedicated to providing senior leadership teams the tools they need to improve their organization’s Most Important Number and accelerating the rate at which they create value
Author of Your Most Important Number

Kathleen Adams

Second 50©: Achieve Financial Confidence, Increase Opportunity Expansion Leverage Vitality Enhancement
Founder of Second 50 Financial, CFP®, CPWA®

Financial planner for over 20 years
Earned the Certified Private Wealth Advisor ® designation
Author of the brand new book, Second 50

Gisele Wyne

The Formula to Create Compelling Content in VR: How to Captivate Your Audience and Teach Learners a Tangible Skill so They Stay Inspired to Learn.
Director of Operations at GeniusX

Movement and Wellness Teacher with over 10 years of teaching over 5,000 yoga classes and certifying many others with their 200hr yoga certification
Virtual Reality Course Designer

Medha Parlikar

The Web3 World Straight and Simple
CTO, Co-Founder at CasperLabs

CTO, Co-Founder of CasperLabs, the first blockchain built for enterprise adoption.
Charismatic, process-oriented leader with a track record of delivering business results
⇾ 30+ years of tech experience, including delivering SaaS Software for Adobe for two decades

Jon Giganti

With Intention: A Proven Path to Uncommon Results, Unleashed Influence & Ultimate Fulfillment
Executive Coach, Author, and Keynote Speaker

Host of With Intention Video Series & Podcast
Author of With Intention
⇾ Sales leader at multi-billion dollar tech company, CCC

Dr. Annelize Booysen

The Future of Business: A Unique Metaverse for Global Entrepreneurs
Founder-Architect of “Your Global Village”

Helps founders, visionaries and creators turn their vision into an operational reality with a positive impact
Assists coaches, consultants & niche experts enter and benefit from the Metaverse
⇾ Author of The Holes in Your Bucket, 10 Blind Spots in Your Business That Could Be Holding You Back From Reaching the Next Level
⇾ Top 70 Mentors on the GeniusU Platform supporting 1.8 million entrepreneurs

Kiera Colson

Leveraging Tik Tok for Authors
Teen Author, Speaker, and Coach

CEO of Teenfluencer Nation
Author of “Twin Tales”
⇾ Teen Success Coach and Inspirational Speaker

Brenda Cohen

Using Web3 to Help Drive Community, Engagement, and Monetization
Co-Founder/CMO at Award Pool, Freelance Writer, and Author

Co-Founder at Award Pool, an integrated web3 platform that empowers brands, creators and collectors with amazing engagement tools and features to create, collect, and trade unique experiences, collectibles, and payments securely.
Seasoned marketer with experience in the technology and start-up sectors
⇾ Author of Trading Pizza For Ramen

Lee Richter

NFT Basics for Authors and Influencers
Official Member at Forbes Business Council, NFT Expert, and Business Owner

Co-author of the brand new book, Blockchain Life
Business Owner and Business Strategist
⇾ Recognized award winning influencer by the San Francisco Business Times

Denae Hively

How to Design your Own Course in Web 2
Website and Funnel Designer, Founder of The Hively Co.

Integrator to 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs
⇾ Self-taught Kajabi Ninja and connector to those pursuing virtual work

Helped launch and manage over 40 online summits
⇾ Built more than 100 landing pages and over 20 websites using Kajabi

Shane Svorec

Impact: Create Compelling Content
Sales & Marketing Professional, Author, Public Speaker, and Inspirational Writer

Author of Broken Little Believer and The Busy Bridge That Got Its Break
⇾ Mental health advocate and crisis intervention worker

A staunch public servant, mental health and crisis intervention worker, a perpetual peacemaker, and kindness spreader

Cesar Cervantes

How to Get Your 1st TED Talk
Speaker, Coach, and Founder GoodOne Communications

Public speaking coach who helps people deliver their message on global stages, at work or at big events
⇾ Stand-up comedian and actor featured on Comedy Central and in Hollywood films

Tim Elmore

A New Kind of Diversity: Making the Different Generations on Your Team Your Competitive Advantage
Founder, CEO, and Author

Founder and CEO of Growing Leaders, Inc.
⇾ Author of more than a dozen books including A New Kind of Diversity

Has interviewed over 500,000 leaders nationwide
⇾ Taught leadership for Fortune 500 Companies, Major League Teams, and NCAA Universities.

Kelly Knight

Visionaries and Integrators: How Every Business Can Leverage This Dynamic Duo
President & Integrator of EOS Worldwide, LLC

Drives accountability and harmoniously unites major functions of the business
⇾ Expert team builder and integrator

Steering the rocketship of 100,000 companies running on EOS around the world.

Mark O'Donnell

Visionaries and Integrators: How Every Business Can Leverage This Dynamic Duo
Visionary & CEO at EOS Worldwide, LLC

Casting the vision for the rocketship of 100,000 companies running on EOS around the world.
Successfully completed 500 Sessions as a Certified EOS Implementer™
Third visionary in EOS history, following in the footsteps of Gino Wickman and Mike Paton

Fatemeh Monfared

Architecting the Metaverse
Metaverse Architect and NFT Artist

Co Founder and Chief Metaverse Architect at Spaces DAO, a collective of architects and designers dedicated to building the future in the metaverse
⇾ Designed a building in the Decentraland virtual world commissioned by a startup investing in yield generating gaming assets.
Currently creating her first NFT collection as a collaboration with a contemporary dancer, called MahDelage.

Suman Kanuganti

Developing Your Own Personal AI
Founder & CEO at

Founder of Aira Tech, recognized as one of Time Magazine's Best Inventions & Fast Company's World Changing Ideas
⇾ Recipient of many prestigious awards including San Diego Business Journal's 40 Under 40, the Smithsonian's Top Innovators, and UCSD Rady School of Management's Influential Leaders
Featured on CNN, NY Times, CNBC, and Forbes

Sarah Grandstaff

Unhackable Teams
Publishing Veteran, Author, and Team Leader

Author of Unhackable Teams
⇾ Coach focused on maximizing teamwork and leveraging UniqueAbilities
Consultant on organizational efficiencies

Jay Jay

How To Create and Win With Your Personal Brand
Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Coach

Founder of Ace of Spades PR Agency
⇾ Personal brand and speaking coach
Global Entertainer

Dr. Katrina Ubell

How to Lose Weight for the Last Time: Brain-Based Solutions for Permanent Weight Loss
Pediatrician, Weight Loss Coach, CEO, and Founder at Weight Loss for Busy Physicians

Cracked the code for making weight loss permanent, and developed a program targeted at busy physicians like herself who often de-prioritize their own wellness
⇾ Founder of Weight Loss for Busy Physicians, which offers a weight loss program that has helped over 1,000 physicians
Worked for over 10 years as a general pediatrician in a successful private practice

Dave Samuel

Audio Books
Owner of Record Your Audiobook & Samuel Pen Co.

Skilled Professional Recording Engineer with over 35 years of experience offering audiobook recording services
⇾ Experience managing audio-visual services for hundreds of events ranging from small scale concerts to national tours, international cruises, and everything in between

Nadav Zemier

How I Turned my Undersold Book Into a Web3 Nonprofit, and Quit My Day Job
Award-winning Principal, Author, and Blockchain Expert

Award-winning physics/robotics teacher, turnaround principal, and public speaker
⇾ Author of Education in the Digital Age: How We Get There
⇾ Former software engineer in Silicon Valley

Dr. Mike Sonick

People, Not Patients
Periodontist, International Lecturer, Author, Private Practitioner, and Mentor

Founder, director and full-time practicing periodontist at the Fairfield County Dental Club in Fairfield, Connecticut
⇾ Recognized as a Leader in Continuing Education by Dentistry Today for the past five years.
⇾ Author of the book Treating People Not Patients and Implant Site Development
⇾ Lecturer at NYU School of Dentistry and the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine
⇾ Recipient of the “Teacher of the Year” award from The General Dental Practice Residents at Yale New Haven Hospital

Sharad Agarwal

CEO & Chief Metaverse Officer at Cyber Gear - Web3, Impact Entrepreneur, Strong community of 30,000 members, and Keynote Speaker

Founded the first digital agency, Cyber Gear, in the Middle East (Dubai) in 1996
⇾ Experience working with several well-known brands such as British Airways, FedEx, Sharp, Xerox, Toshiba, Matsushita, Total, Shell, and many more.
⇾ Advises start-ups in the e-commerce and meta domain to raise funds and form strategic global partnerships.
⇾ Successfully launched a variety of NFT projects from art projects to play-to-earn game projects to NFT authentication services.

Bob Shenefelt

Unscatter the Chatter
Certified EOS Implementer | Visionary Coach | Entrepreneur | Author

⇾ A student of the EOS process and now a certified EOS Implementer, Bob has utilized EOS in the two companies that he founded and in turn successfully sold.
⇾ His first company was named the 26th fastest growing privately-held company in Inc. Magazine.
⇾ He developed the iMatter system to help people on their journey to realizing what matters most, clarifying who they are, and following their north star.

Eric Diaz

THE FUTURE OF MONEY: How Web3 is Affecting the Way we Buy, Sell, and Trade in the New World
Research Analyst at Motus Capital Management

⇾ After beginning to investing in digital assets in 2016, Eric has become dedicated to understand the underlying technology and its correlation to the assets represented
⇾ Serves as a blockchain consultant for businesses offering solutions to integrate the technology in way best fit for their strategy
⇾ Passionate about the cryptocurrency industry and has a background in blockchain programming (Solidity) and digital assets analysis throughout various market cycles.

Jeff Haymond

A Biblical Case for Entrepreneurship
Dean, School of Business Administration at Cedarville University

⇾ Jeff joined Cedarville University faculty in 2010 after a 29 year career in the United States Air Force.
⇾ While in the Air Force, Colonel Haymond had assignments in engineering, satellite control and launch operations.
⇾ His research has been published in the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Public Choice, the Journal of Public Choice and Public Finance, Journal of Markets and Morality, Journal of Faith and Economics, and the Strategic Studies Quarterly.

Jason Lewis

How I Turned my Undersold Book Into a Web3 Nonprofit, and Quit my Day Job
Executive Director of

⇾ Mr. Lewis holds a BS in mechanical engineering from SUNY Polytechnic Institute
⇾ He has 9 years of experience in manufacturing, most recently serving as Supply Chain Logistics Manager for a global leader in responsible industrial design.
⇾ As an experienced engineer and manager, Jason prides himself on strong interpersonal skills, empowering his employees to achieve objectives on time and under budget.
⇾ As an advocate for pivotal technological advances in education, Jason has chosen to lead the team to give students a platform to showcase the impact of project-based learning.

Chaz Freutel

Noble: Network of Owners, Business Leader & Entrepreneurs
Managing Partner at We Buy Cars America

⇾ Chaz started his business, Get-U-Connected LLC, in 2009 to connect small business owners with the products, services, and people they need to succeed.
⇾ In addition to leading dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs through the journey of launching their own real businesses and social movements, Chaz has served as a substantial asset to YEA! National.
⇾ Chaz has always believed that collaboration between small businesses is a cornerstone of sustainability.



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