Get Over It!

If I Could, I Would

Rainbow Land

Milk And Honey Land

Get the Duck Out of My Pond

James and The Band of Fire

Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect

Why Didn't They Hear Us? 

Permission to Land: Searching for Love, Home & Belonging

Franchising Without Fear, Six Steps to Successfully Buying Your Own Business

Mercy Extended

Broken to Beautifully Whole

Messy Miracles

Measuring Up: How to WIN in a World of Comparison

Say Yes: Discovering Purpose, Peace and Abundance in Daily Life

Duckie Discovers a Miracle

Finding My Father 

In Alexa’s Shoes

The Miraculous Realm of Heaven On Earth

My Father Said I Could

Brain-talk Meets God-talk

Breaking Free From the Shadows

 Live Daily Into Your

Brainpower Pyramid

The BrainPower Pyramid

Chronicles Journey Toward Hope

Call Me a Tightwad

Governance Solutions

When the Words Suddenly Stopped

Beyond the Celebration

Good Morning I Love You

Women Who Spark

Project Career Quest

Visual Secrets for School Success

Don’t Mess With This Mama

Life At Ground Level

Time Tree: The Emergence

A Perfectly Messy Life 

Footsteps of Hope

The Earning Advantage

The Courage Advantage

Embracing Your Life Sentence

After Diagnosis: LIFE

Home of the Unknown Soldier

Unplanned Parenthood

Quitting to Win

Life Lessons from King David and Grandma

Tenacious Grace

Freaking Out to Flying Free

Embracing Your Wicked Good, God Awe-Full Life

Chosen To Be Blessed

The Thinking Advantage

Can A Cookie Change the World?

The Red Road Home


Going All In

The Pivotal Moment

God the Father Revealed

Fabric of a Generation

Pharaoh's Shadow

The Pivotal Moment

Treasure Kingdom

I Need To Know You

Mission Files: The Package

Black Candy: Reinvent Yourself

Burdens of a Dream

Shalom - Nothing Missing Nothing Broken

Dare to Decide

Honor Your Health

Millennial Leadership

Someday I Will Write

Battlefield of the Heart

Gettin’ (un)Busy

The War of Ashes and Flame

Piece by Piece

Project: LIFE

Find Your Where

The Secret Keeper

Small Church BIG Deal

Summit: A Guide from Pain to Peace

Strategies from Heaven; Contending for the Impossible

Smiling on the Outside, Dying on the Inside

Lies of the Magpie

369 Days: How To Survive A Year of Worst-Case Scenarios

Pre Conceived

The Art of Good Enough

Defeating Your Greatest Opponent

The Havalots

The Satan Model

The Seventh Day

Child and Family Dis-services

12 Strategies from Heaven: for the Ekklesia

My Brother's Keeper 

Quantum Spacewalker: Jarl’s Journey 

Days of Fire: Battle for Freedom

The Optimistic Drunk's Recovery Guide

Your Royal Rendezvous

Knee-Jerk Mom: Freedom from Worry, Fear, & Regret

Forced Turnovers: A Novel for Racial Unity

Strategic Faith, Living Beyond Limitations

The Day the Mountains Crashed into the Sea

DEEP COVER: A Memoir of Hiding While Dying To Be Seen

Chasing Perfection: A Journey to Healing, Fitness, and Self-Love

Seeds of Success - 31 Days to Blow Fear of Success out of the Water

Journey into the Looking Glass: Finding Hope after the Loss of Loved Ones LIMITED EDITION with full color prints

Journey into the Looking Glass: Finding Hope after the Loss of Loved Ones

Journey into the Looking Glass: The Four Aspects of Positive Reflection

Susie Q's Kids Positive Reflections: My Special Angel

Susie Q's Kids Positive Reflections: Good Characteristics

Spring Into Life


The Joy Filled Soul

Blue Sky Morning

Miss Conception

Get Noticed Get Hired

When In Doubt, Delete It! 

Choosing a Way Out

5 Lies Moms Believe

Louise | Book 1 of The Grandma, Mom, and Me Saga

Elaina | Book 2 of The Grandma, Mom, and Me Saga

RISE What To Do When Hell Won't Back Off 

Red Flag Conversations

Pebbles in My Shoe

What's YOUR Scarlet Letter?

A Doorway Back to Forever: HONOR

A Doorway Back to Forever: DEFEND

A Doorway Back to Forever: TRUST

A Doorway Back to Forever: BELIEVE

Thrown Off Script

Unlocking Your Divine DNA

Made to Soar

7 Daily Choices

Where the Holidays Go

Save the Butter Tubs!

You Taught My Feet to Dance

The Way To Greatness

A Doorway Back to Forever: REMEMBER

Awaking the Living Legacy

Cosmic Consciousness

With the Courage of a Mouse (Superhero School)

With the Curiosity of a Cat

Informed Consent

Embracing the Loving Legacy