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Please refer to your conference manual for slight adjustments. 

Thursday | October 25, 2018

2 PM - 5 PM: Early Registration

Hilton Hotel Front Lobby

5 PM - 7 PM: Barnes & Noble Book Signing

Polaris Mall
The public is welcome to attend this optional event.
Author Academy Elite Authors may sign their books.

(AAE authors please complete the required form on this post by Oct. 1 to participate)
Polaris Fashion Mall is within walking distance from the Hilton Polaris Hotel
Barnes & Noble, 1560 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, OH 43240

7 PM - 9 PM: Opening Night Party with Conference Speakers

Gemini Ballrooms

Friday | October 26, 2018

8 AM - 1:30 PM: Spark Day Business Building Experience

Polaris Ballroom A & D - (BAE students must pre-purchase Spark Day lunch)

9 AM - 1:45 PM: General Registration

Polaris Ballroom Lobby
Regular & Author Academy Award Tickets

9 AM - 9 PM: Conference Bookstore

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

Igniting Souls Conference Main Sessions

2 PM - Opening Session & Red Carpet Sessions

"Look Across"
Polaris Ballrooms

5 PM (Doors Open)
5:30 - 6:30 PM:
 VIP Dinner

Polaris Ballrooms

6:30 PM - 7 PM: Red Carpet Meet & Greet + Photo Shoot

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

7 PM - 8:30 PM Author Academy Awards

Polaris Ballrooms

Saturday | October 27, 2018
Regular and VIP Tickets

"Look Within"

7 AM - 8:15 PM: Light Breakfast (Provided)

Polaris Ballrooms

7 AM - 7 PM: Conference Bookstore

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

8:30 AM - Main Session with Kary Oberbrunner

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

CONFRONT THE GAP: Sometimes running away sounds appealing—if even for a moment. But fleeing doesn’t solve the problem; it only prolongs the pain. What stands in your way becomes the way when you’re willing to confront the space between you and your dream.

9:00 AM - Main Session with Dan Miller

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

Dan will share his formula for establishing yourself as a true industry expert that attracts high profit/low maintenance clients.

10:00 AM - Main Session with Brad Burke

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

Brad will share a powerful process for leveraging video to increase engagement for your book, brand, and business.

11:00 AM - Breakout Session Choice 

Polaris & Gemini Ballrooms

Refer to conference manual for descriptions and room numbers

12:00 PM - Lunch (Provided) + VIP Headshots + Photo Booth

Polaris Ballroom

1:00 PM - Main Session with Jeff Brown

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

Jeff Brown—an award winning podcaster—will share how to leverage podcast interviews to grow your book, brand, and business.

2:15 PM - Brief Break

2:30 PM - Main Session with Kary Oberbrunner

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

CONFRONT THE GAP: Up until now the Gap may have seemed outside you, but a deeper look reveals it’s actually within you. Your goal is simply a future glimpse of who you need to become in order to achieve it. Winning means warring—at least for this season. This battle is won by surrender.

Wendy Gentry

Niccie Kliegl

Kirsten Samuel

Daphne Smith

Terri Sullivant

Pat Luse

Jeannie Schmidt

Teresa Alesch

Jonily Zupancic

Louise Elliot

Jennifer McClure

Michele Stanford

4:30 PM -  Dinner Break

6:45 PM - DOORS OPEN: Music by Jon Myers

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

Jon's passion for music is infectious. Come listen and be inspired or sing-along, if that's your thing. Whichever, this music set will prep you for a powerful evening.

7:00 PM - Main Session with Dean Fulks

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

Dean will share how you can leverage your gifts, skills, and businesses to address global issues impacting us all.

8:30 PM - 9:30 PM: Global Livestream BOOK LAUNCH PARTY

Fun, Surprises, and Giveaways

Sunday | October 28, 2018
Regular and VIP Tickets

"Look Next"

6:30 AM - Core Workout (Optional) with Chet Scott 

Polaris Ballrooms A & D

Although not required, you’ll love getting stronger. No skill needed. Just show up ready to grow. Bring comfortable shoes and loose clothing. RSVP here. (You can do anything for 30 min, right? You'll have plenty of time to change and shower before our morning session.)

7 AM - 8:15 AM Light Breakfast (Provided)

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

7 AM - 5 PM: Conference Bookstore

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

8:30 AM - Main Session with Chet Scott

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

Chet Scott is the creator of the OPUS model which helps people become Masters in the Art of Living. Chet and his work with Built to Lead helped Kary gain the clarity needed to create Igniting Souls. In this rare interview, Kary will ask Chet to show you how it's possible to make your work "play" on a daily basis.

9:00 AM - Main Session with Rachel Pedersen

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

Rachel will share how you can leverage social media to increase your online traffic, advance your causes, and propel your profits.

9:55 AM -  Brief Break

10:10 AM - Main Session with David Branderhorst

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

David will share a proven system for growing and scaling your business.

11:10 AM - Main Session with Kary Oberbrunner

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

CLOSE THE GAP: Action outperforms perfection. Sure there’s a cost for acting, but there’s an even higher one for doing nothing. Because you’ve prepared for the moment, the moment is prepared for you. And by closing the gap, you’ll open the door to everything you’ve ever wanted.

12:00 PM - Lunch (Provided) + VIP Headshots

Polaris Ballroom

1:00 PM - Breakout Sessions

Polaris & Gemini Ballrooms

Refer to conference manual for descriptions and room numbers

2:00 PM - Main Session with MYSTERY GUEST SPEAKER

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

TOPIC: Why we must break certain rules and which ones are worth breaking.
SPEAKER: This international speaker is a Wall Street Journal and Publisher's Weekly bestselling author and CEO who has been responsible for over 1.5 billion dollar in global enterprises. The Harvard Business Review featured this individual as a "standout example" of CEO engagement on social media.

2:50 PM - Main Session Master Class

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

An exclusive expert panel interview on how to handle haters, where to find motivation, what to do with failure, and how to stay true to your brand and business. Expect Q and A, best practices, and case studies. This one-of-a-kind experiential learning opportunity is priceless. Don't miss it.

Dan & Joanne Miller

Jeff Brown

Rachel Pedersen

Brad Burke

Mystery Speaker

3:30 PM -  The Gifts

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

An opportunity for David and Kary to express their thanks to each conference attendee.

3:50 PM - Main Session with Dexter Godfrey

Polaris Ballroom Lobby

Dexter will share the art and science for maximizing your message and increasing your impact through the spoken word.

4:45 - 5 PM -  Closing Words and Challenge

Polaris Ballroom Lobby