PRE-CONFERENCE | Friday, October 20, 2017

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM | Mastermind Bonus Session + Lunch

This bonus session is for all past mastermind members (Escaping Shawshank Mastermind, EPX Mastermind, Dream Job Bootcamp Mastermind) Author Academy Elite members, Ghostwriter Academy members and Igniting Souls Certified Coaches, Speakers, and Trainers who register for the 2017 Igniting Souls Conference.

Kary Oberbrunner and David Branderhorst will facilitate this interactive experience. Bring your questions and expect to get clear answers. SHOW UP FILLED UP as a giver and come ready to serve your colleagues. In our four-hour block we’ll do 2 sessions, lunch (2 entrée catered meal) and mastermind in a variety of formats (potentially large group, small group, “hot seat,” discussion, panel, “in focus,” and personal exercises.) Registration is required. Sorry, no guests.

When qualified individuals register for the conference an email will be sent with more details regarding the bonus session.

First Session Options (Choose One on Day of Mastermind):

=> BUILD YOUR CUSTOMER GPS | David Branderhorst

Lost in a haze of marketing confusion? Struggling to find customers that want your product or service? Chances are you aren’t getting your message in front of the right people. Join this mastermind session where we unlock the keys to where your customers are hiding. Everyone who attends will leave with a Customer GPS—a direct road map to where your customers are hanging out.

~ OR ~


How do you take a book and turn it into a course? We've done this with my last four books and we're not stopping anytime soon (Your Secret Name, The Deeper Path, Day Job to Dream Job, Elixir Project). Discover a proven framework for turning your $16 book into a 6 figure business. It's much easier than you think when you know our simple system. Leave this session with a clear map for creating your brand new course.




Second Session Options (Choose One on Day of Mastermind):

=> FIRE STARTER FORMULA | David Branderhorst

Is your business your full-time income? Or is it stuck as a hobby, never fully reaching it’s potential? There are specific steps every business owner must take to go from hobbyist to thriving business. Join us as we discuss the importance of an ascension ladder and how the Fire Starter Formula is the key to creating the business of your dreams.

~ OR ~

=> HOW TO GO PRO AS A WRITER | Kary Oberbrunner

Writing is a skill many people are willing to pay you to do. As someone who ghostwrote 3 books earlier in my career, I understand how becoming a professional writer can fast-track your talent and bring additional influence, impact, and income. In this session I'll demystify the process and reveal a brand new opportunity for potentially joining our team and becoming an "igniting souls writer."

(Due to the unique opportunity that will be announced in this session, certain qualifications are required. These details will be communicated in August.)


This bonus session is for all Author Academy Elite members who register for the 2017 Igniting Souls Conference AND for spouses, family members or out-of-town guests of AAE members who register for the conference. We’ll meet for a celebration dinner (Dutch Treat). Come ready to connect with your fellow authors. We’ll have a blast and build relationships in this casual atmosphere. We may even do some Q and A, on-the-fly teaching, and “talk shop” via best practices.

When Author Academy Elite members register for the conference an email will be sent with more details regarding the bonus session.