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FIRE is an unstoppable force...

It can take life or give it. It can inflict pain or initiate healing. It all depends upon the person wielding it. At the igniting souls conference you’ll discover how to set fire to your business and brand and increase your influence, impact, and income.

  • Learn cutting edge tips, tools, and tactics from industry-leading experts getting real-time results.
  • Connect and collaborate with a global community of authors, speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs committed to your success.
  • Discover the clarity and courage you crave to craft an action-oriented plan that achieves your ultimate dream.

"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."
—Ferdinand Foch

Your Guides

Kary Oberbrunner

Chief Igniter, Igniting Souls, Columbus OH

Kary left his day job to pursue his dream job - Igniting Souls.  Through his writing, speaking and coaching he helps individuals and organizations clarify who they are, why they are here and where they should invest their time and energy.

The author of several books, Kary and his wife Kelly are blessed with 3 amazing children.

David Branderhorst

Director of Growth Creation, Igniting Souls, Columbus OH

David is Kary's Business partner and responsible for creating and driving growth in all areas of their business.  He uses his unique abilities to help people reach their full potential and use their talents to bless the world.

David is married to Christiane and they have three exceptional children.

Dexter Godfrey

CEO, Leadership & Sales Academy, Hampton VA

Dexter is known as "America's Fearless Success Speaker and Trainer".  He shares valuable lessons on how to stop fear from robbing you of your greatness.  Dexter is the CEO of Leadership and Sales Academy, a company specializing in leadership, sales and personal development training.

Dexter and his wife Tiffany are blessed with two children.

Amy Schmittauer

Author, Vlog Like a Boss, Columbus OH

Amy Schmittauer is the Social Authority Coach, public speaker and Creator of Savvy Sexy Social, an online show helping rising stars and think-big brands embrace their amazing personality and share it with the world. Her YouTube show and portfolio has amassed over 10 million views.

Amy’s strategies have led to her career as an internationally-acclaimed public speaker, voted #1 Best Speaker at Social Media Day San Diego in 2015.

Mike Kim

Founder, MikeKim.com, River Edge NJ

Mike Kim is a highly successful marketing consultant, communications strategist, and copywriter helping $1MM plus businesses market, mobilize and monetize their message.

Mike is a consultant to high end marketers, writes direct-response copy, and hosts the Brand You Podcast, a show dedicated to personal branding.

Brian Dixon

Founder, Amplify Publishers, Charlotte, NC

Brian Dixon believes that an online course is the best way to amplify your impact and income online. As the founder of Amplify Publishers, he works with authors, speakers, and bloggers to create and launch their premiere online course. He is the author of the Online Sales Formula, creator of the Amplify Method (an online coaching program), and co-founder of Hope*Writers.

He lives in Charlotte with his wife Julie and three amazing kids.

Dean Fulks

LifePoint, Columbus OH

Dean has been the lead pastor at LifePoint since its beginning in 2004.  He is the coordinator for SEND Columbus, an initiative to plant churches throughout Columbus.

Dean is married to Angie and they have three children - Sydney, Dillon and Sylvia.

Special Presentations

Andy Buckwalter

Author, Grades, Girls, and God, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Andy Buckwalter is a writer and speaker who helps today's teenage men challenge, solidify, and grow their faith so that they can become more of the man God created them to be. He wants to share everything he wishes he had known in high school so that students today can avoid some of his mistakes.

He lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his wife and growing family.

Timothy W. Carroll

Author, NOMAD, Cocoa, Florida

Timothy continues to seek out his life passion: To teach others how to avoid the unhealthy nomad life. And to teach those who have found themselves trapped in that solitary place, how to find new hope and meaning for their lives, through Christ.

He lives in Sunny Florida with his wife, Tina. They have six adult children and enjoy being grandparents to several grandchildren.

L.W. Clay

Author, Demontown, Bradenton, Florida

L.W. Clay graduated Valparaiso University with a degree in psychology and criminal justice, then went on to use both areas of study by working in a psychiatric hospital on the inpatient unit and as a sheriff deputy.

Many books sit on the shelves of LW's mind and she's super excited to get them out to you. Demontown is the base of at least six books to follow.

Dr. Tony Colson

Author, Unlocking Your Divine DNA, Lexington, South Carolina

Dr. Tony Colson is currently serving as Campus Pastor for Redemption Columbia in Lexington, South Carolina under the leadership of Pastor Ron Carpenter, Jr. He is an Adjunct Professor for Lee University’s Division of Adult Learning. He has served as a church planter, associate pastor, and youth pastor.

He and his wife have been married over 20 years and have four wonderful children.

Catharine Freeman

Author, Mom's Money Mission, Hartford, Connecticut

An attorney by training, author, entrepreneur and mom of two rambunctious boys, ages 12 and 15, Catharine Freeman has been providing sound legal advice to colleagues, family and friends for nearly two decades.

Mom’s Money Mission, is the first of several intended series books where she plans to tackle finances, government best practices and personal health and mindfulness.

Tracy Gregory

Author, Ways of War, Concord, New Hampshire

Tracy Gregory is the author of a series of poetry, and for the blog site Traces of Tracy Gregory. She has a degree in early childhood education and business administration. She was a web administrator and business administrator before her writing career.

Married with two daughters, she currently resides in her birthplace of Concord, New Hamphire. Her early childhood was spent with her family in Soldotna, Alaska.

Grace Habbershaw

Author, Released To ROAR, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom

Grace is your everyday down to earth Daughter, Sister, Mother, Nanna, Neighbour and Best Friend. Intimate in all relationships, she has a heart of compassion to love, serve, encourage and empower everyone to find freedom and peace in their true identity.

Passionate for Jesus, as an author, international speaker, faith coach and mentor, her truth and wisdom in Jesus reaches further afield than the four walls of her living room.

Debra Lynn Hayes

Author, RISE, Georgetown, Kentucky

Debra Lynn Hayes' purpose is to encourage people to overcome loss and tragedy. As a former corporate liaison of an international company, she strategized success for individuals and teams.

Today as an author, speaker and life coach she focuses those same skills to empower others facing personal devastation.

Dr. Shahid Insaf

Author, 3 Tales of Vengeance, Branson, Missouri

Dr. Shahid Insaf is a Psychiatrist and owns a private practice in Branson, Missouri. His previous non-fiction works have been published in The International Journal of Psychoanalysis and The Undercurrent.

He lives and works in Branson, Missouri with his wife Shabana. They have been married for the last 24 years.

Debbie Major

Author, Lost Voice, Holland Landing, Ontario, Canada

Debbie Major is an author, coach and speaker who helps people: find courage to stop the pain and love self, confidence to utilize one’s voice, and clarity to fulfill their calling.

Debbie lives with her husband near Toronto, Ontario and they are blessed with a daughter and son who are both remarkable and outstanding adult children.

Elizabeth Meyers

Author, UNDEFEATED, Shiloh, Illinois

Elizabeth is the wife of a fighter pilot and a mother of eight children. She graduated from the USAF Academy with a BS in Human Factors Engineering and served as an officer in the Air Force alongside her husband until their first child was born.

For Elizabeth, learning new truths about God is surpassed only by the opportunity to teach others insights from her own hard-fought battles.

Lisa Moser

Author, Miss Conception, Springboro, Ohio

Lisa’s passion is to inspire people to live their best lives. As author, coach, and speaker, she has a love for educating and encouraging others to flourish in every aspect of a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Her journey began when she won the title of Miss Ohio USA where she traveled extensively, speaking to youth on positive self-image and being physically and mentally fit. She and her husband have four children and live in Ohio.

Dr. Mary Oliver

Author, Mirror, Mirror, What the Heck Happened?, Newcastle, Washington

Mary Oliver’s purpose and passion is to equip and train the body of Christ in Biblical health and wellness which includes healing broken lives and building destinies through the natural and supernatural expression of Jesus restorative love for all people. She has over 30 years of experience in pastoral and professional counseling, coaching, and Christian leadership.

Ruth Pierce

Author, Time to Fly, McLouth, Kansas

Ruth Pierce resides in Kansas with her husband of forty years. She is an author, coach, and speaker who passionately develops people so they can soar towards their potential. Feeling stuck for many years, she learned these lessons the hard way.

Her passion is developing people. This passion combines her two seemly opposite careers of math education and human resources.

Kirsten Samuel

Author, 5 Lies Moms Believe, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Kirsten Samuel is the author of 5 Lies Moms Believe and an active blogger, author, and coach. She believes that “having a good day” is a personal choice, no matter the circumstances. She and her husband celebrate the gift of each day.

Through overcoming her personal pain, Kirsten believes it is possible to define, or redefine, your legacy today no matter your age, stage of life, or past mistakes.

Michele Stanford, M.Ed., CHC

Author, Informed Consent, Gray, Georgia

Michele believes that living life nourished means nourishing all aspects of life: bathing our hearts and minds in truth and in turn, nourishing our bodies with healing, wholesome foods the way God intended.

Michele is an educator, author, speaker, and health coach. Her passion for better health and her deep heart for people shines brightly in her writing, speaking, and coaching.

Joan Turley

Author, Sacred Work in Secular Places, Nashville, Tennessee

Joan Turley is an encourager with a capital E! With a heart, full of compassion and a deep-seated belief that people are worth every ounce of energy to develop their potential. Joan is a motivational keynote speaker who speaks on creating and sustaining positive change within the workplace.

She and her husband live in Nashville, TN, and are blessed with two children.

Mary Valloni

Author, Fundraising Freedom, St. Louis, Missouri

Mary Valloni is a fundraising consultant, author, and speaker. She has a passion for people and is a natural optimist with a mission to educate, encourage and empower nonprofit leaders to raise the funds they need to fulfill their mission. She has raised millions of dollars for many well-known nonprofit organizations.

Mary lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband, Geno, and their Dalmatians.

Brian Wagner

Author, Sometimes It DOES Take a Brain Surgeon, Hilliard, Ohio

Brian Wagner was suddenly blinded by a brain tumor at the age of 43. He had to be flown across the country for brain surgery, with the risk of losing his life. Since then, he has been helping others overcome adversity, empowering them to go from Blindness to Sight to Vision in their own lives.

Brian's wife and three kids have empowered him to take this life changing journey.

Music By:

Jon Myers

LifePoint, Columbus, OH

Jon Myers serves as the Music Pastor at LifePoint Church, and has been a part of the LifePoint staff team since 2007.

He lives with his wife Allison and their children Aubrey and Simon.

Core By:

Chet Scott

Built to Lead, Columbus, OH

Chet Scott is the founder of BUILT TO LEAD: We Awaken, Challenge, and together we Transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders into ONE. ONE, distinct and deeply connected, that is BUILT TO LEAD.

He lives with his wife Missy. Together they have four adult children.

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